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An exceptionally well organized Mountain Bike Club. They host the annual LOCOFEST, a 2-day event featuring competitive races for all levels of experience. Great fun.

Membership includes road cyclists of various skill levels. They stress both the fitness and social aspects of cycling. Group rides are every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on local rural roads. They also often travel together to organized rides in neighboring towns. A great group for those dedicated to the sport but not seeking categorized racing.

A very large, diverse group focused on preparing for and competing in regional triathlons. Many are some of the most talented triathletes around but many more are there for the enjoyment of the sport. Social activities match sporting events. Great group we are proud to sponsor each year.

An unbelievably talented group of athletes striving to be their best. This is one of the nation’s highest ranked amateur teams that includes past national champions. We’re proud to have a rider on the team.